How to apply flawless eyeshadow

Applying eyeshadow perfectly takes a little time and patience, but once you know how to get it done, it becomes very easy. There was a time when it was scary stuff for me too but I now do it with a little more ease and you can too! Just follow these procedures carefully and in no time become a pro.

Take Note Before Applying The Eyeshadow:

  • Analyze the shape of your eyes and accordingly decide on a makeup technique that will enhance them. The eye area consists of the eyelid, the crease, and the brow bone.
  • If you have hooded or deep-set eyes, try to apply eye makeup with your eyes open instead of closed so that the crease colour will be visible.
  • It is better to finish your eye makeup first before applying your base makeup so that in case if there’s an eyeshadow fallout under or around the eyes, you can quickly clean it up without spoiling your base makeup.
  • Also, wait to conceal your under eyes till after the eye makeup.
  • To avoid eyeshadow fall out, powder the area under your eyes with a transparent or translucent powder before beginning the eye makeup. Once you are done, just sweep the powder off.
  • Use darker shades of eyeshadows to contour the eyes at the crease and use lighter shades at the centre of the eyelids to make the eyes pop.
  • Make sure to use clean brushes to achieve the best outcome.

Now to apply your Eyeshadow:

  • Clean the area around the eyes then the apply a moisturizer or an eye cream.
  • Prep the base by applying eye primer in the eye area so that you get a seamless finish and for the makeup to last for a long time.
  • With a brush, apply concealer that that matches the skin tone around your eyes to make the skin around the eye area look even, clean crease-proof and uniform in colour – in case you have slight discolouration around the eyes.

For the eyelid:

  • Use textures like frost/shimmer/shine on the eyelid and brow bone.
  • Start applying colour on the eyelid with a flat eyeshadow brush using either a sweeping or patting motion starting from the centre and then towards both inner and outer corners. Apply the colour evenly on the lid and deposit more for intensity.

For the crease area:

  • Use matte finish textures on the crease.
  • Use a darker shade of eyeshadow to define the eye shape. To achieve this, go for shades like deep browns, black, deep grey, dark purple, etc.
  •  Start applying from the outer corner of the eye, making a ‘V’, and blend it halfway through the eyelid with a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush using the windshield wiper motion.
  • Keep blending until the colour starts to look softer.

The brow bone:

  • In order to highlight the brow bone, go for lighter shades in either frost or shimmer textures.

Finishing touches:

  • Apply your waterproof eyeliner over the roots of your lashes gently to avoid smudges. For something more dramatic, you can use kohl/kajal on the lower lid and smudge it in slightly.
  • Brush the lashes with a mascara wand.

Tada! and you are good to go…

Have any more tips to add to this list? Drop in your comments.

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