What you should know about stress

Stress is not always bad especially when it comes in bits, in fact it is said to be essential for survival as the chemicals it releases in the body helps us to cope with difficulties therefore, we can say that stress can motivate you to do your best and perform under pressure, which means it helps you to improve your ability to perform.

Good stress i.e stress in just small doses is the body’s response to demands or threat as a way of protecting you and keeping you functional. On the flip side, bad stress is where the problems lies. When the stress is no longer in small doses that is you are constantly on code red, emergency mode and it begins to tell on your body and mind. This is the point when one begins to see some telltale physical signs like:

Chest pain/ rapid heart rate
Aches and pains
Nervousness (biting nails, pacing, being jumpy)
Loss of sleep or over sleeping
Feeling burnt out
Loss of sex drive
Some other symptoms it gives can be:
cognitive (like loss of concentration, memory problems),
emotional (like moodiness/heavy sadness, anxiety attacks, loneliness and isolation)
behavioral symptoms (live over eating of less eating to normal, procrastinating) and so on.

All of this can culminate into or exacerbate serious health issues such as:
Heart disease
Weight problems
Digestive disorders
Sleeping disorders such as insomnia
Depression and anxiety with other forms of mental issues
Skin conditions such as eczema, pimples etc

Therefore, not all stress is bad stress but you need to be on the positive side of the scale to remain healthy. The moment you begin to notice the negative symptoms, you need to locate the cause and take it away or at least reduce it to the barest minimum.

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