#ThrowBackThursday: The best of Brenda Fassie

‘I don’t believe in dreams,’

Brenda Fassie, fondly called Mabrrr by her fans, was born Brenda Nokuzola Fassie on 3 November 1964. Brenda who was the youngest in a family of 9 said in a documentary ‘I believe I was the youngest, my mother said I was humming when I was born’ Brenda was brave, fearless, and very controversial. At the age of 13 she left home to find a way for her music. By the 1980s, Brenda was a huge star. ‘I don’t believe in dreams,’ she said in the documentary, ‘I don’t dream, I am not a day dreamer, not night dreamer. I never dreamt of what I am today, I have always believe. I am a planner.’

It has been 14 years since Brenda sadly passed away on 9th May, 2004.

Here are some of her biggest tracks in no particular order

  1. Ag Shame lovely– In this bubbly track which was released way back in 1987, Brenda brought her little divas and got everyone stepping with them, mi do do do do do xla do ti…
  2. Vul’indela– This perhaps is one of Mabrrr’s most popular songs. It was released in 1997, and won her so many awards including South African Music Award for Best Song of the Decade, South African Music Award for Song of the Year
  3. Black President– When South Africa was still neck deep in apartheid, Brenda was never afraid of speaking truth to power. With Black president she celebrated the strength and bravery of the legendary Nelson Mandela while pointing out the brutality of white apartheid government.
  4. Wedding Day– Mabrr brought her little divas into the video of this song that was the wedding song of the decade. It is a classic tune and is still being played in weddings.
  5. Ngiyakusaba– Remember the little diva who was a star in this video? This song about infidelity was released in 1990 and went on to become one of the biggest pop songs of that decade.
  6. Party Time– Here Brenda channeled all of her African pride- this lovely party tune was released back in 1987. It might have been censored in today’s TV because of its element of nudity, but Brenda and her girls danced with so much confidence and pure joy.
  7. Weekend special– This success of this song brought Brenda fame. It was released back in 1984 and was said to be the ultimate side chic anthem.
  8. Too Late for Mama– is a very sorrowful song about a mother who is killed while fetching water after being struck by lightning. It was too late for anybody to rescue her.

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