#TBT: Why Michael Jackson remains the undisputed king of Pop

Michael Jackson appreciation post

When the King of Pop Music, Michael Jackson died in 2009, the world was mute for hours. The greatest man to ever do it, has taken a bow. Since his death, no one has come close to taking over the vacuum he left in the world of music. Michael was bigger than life, he was talented, hardworking and so passionate about his work. His voice range was just amazing, he had the ability to hit high octaves without missing a note. He sang about different topics and also tackled social issues in his songs. His live performances were energetic, emotional and entertaining. He gave the world his signature moon walk dance, the most entertaining music videos and live performances

Here are some of our favorite Michael Jackson live performances in no particular order.

This ‘Wanna be Starting something’ performance at Wembely in 1988.

Smooth Criminal – History World Tour Live in Munich 1997

Billie Jean– In this performance, Michael blessed the world with his  moon walk on stage

Thriller – This is definitely one of Michael’s biggest songs.  The 1996 thriller performance, brought to life the essence of the video and the song. Michael leaves no stone upturn when he performs

Before Cold Play, Beyonce and Bruno Mars thrilled the fans at the SuperBowl half time, there was Michael in 1993

They don’t care about us– This song addresses police brutality and injustice to people all over the world.

Will you be there– This is one of Michael’s most emotional performances, ever

Bad– Michael invented bad, he was the original bad boy. Peep this Yokohama 1987 performance

For the 10th anniversary of MTV, Michael gave this beautiful performance of his Black or White 

Although this is not a live performance, we added it because it is an amazing video of ‘they don’t care about us’ that is not so popular because it was banned.

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