These 3 delicious soups can help you to lose weight

Planning on shedding a little bit off your weight? or are you on a full-blown diet campaign but still love Nigerian foods too much to let go completely? Do not worry because the following soups are delicious and also good for you on your weight loss journey so that you won’t have to strike them off your list entirely…

1. BLACK SOUP – Commonly prepared in the South-South region of Nigeria. The soup is a rich blended mix of Bitter leaf, scent leaf (Efirin) /basil and Uziza leaf and can be eaten alone or served with Rice, Yam, Boiled Plantain, Agidi (Solid Pap) etc.

2. PLAIN EFORIRO/ VEGETABLE SOUP( with a little oil) – If you already love this soup, then you don’t have to drop it while you watch your weight, in fact, it helps you get adequate nutrition from the vegetable mix while you shed some unhealthy fat. Can be eaten with Amala, Wheat flour, Eba, Plantain flour, Oats flour, Tuwo, Rice, Yam, Agidi (Solid Pap)  (all in very little quantities).

3. OKRO SOUP – This soup is cooked all over Nigeria in a variety of ways. Sometimes the Okro is even combined with other vegetables like the Bitter leaf or Ugu. Can be eaten with Amala, wheat flour, eba, plantain flour, Oats flour, Tuwo  (not in large quantities).

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