#Shortfiction: They Have Come! – Aderonke Adeyeye

Screams and shouts of ”they have come”, was what pinched our butt, bit our feet and propelled our bodies out of its semi-sleeping state.

And so we ran.

The thin and the fat.

The short and the tall.

The fair and the black.

We picked up imaginary batons and took to our heels. You could literally see the heel of the person  upfront of you, touch the back of their head.

We ran.

Hitting one another.

Colliding with one another.

Colliding with goods and stalls.

The reason we were running, we had no clue

The people who came, we also had no idea,

Not only did we run,  we fell. We were bruised.

Yet we ran.

We ran out of the market square, away from the directions of the voices that had spurred us out of the market.

We  ran till we got to our respective houses and bolted our doors.

We called it a night amidst fear and fright.

No adult  could sleep a wink that night. We all had our hearts in our mouths.

But by the next morning, we were all calm, but just a bit.

We tiptoed out of our houses, looking around likes thieves, wanting to run back inside at any given time.

We all gathered at the village square, to ask one another, why we ran the day before.

No one knew save for the Chief’s son,  who said the visitors were Anike’s husband to be and his relatives.

Everyone hissed and went back home.

To prepare for the day’s business.

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