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Fehinti Ojelabi 

If you’ve never given anime a try, we suggest you should. Tired of the same old plots and techniques in animations? Then anime definitely has the ‘wow’ factor. For anime fanatics you already know the drill and if you need a new show, here you go. The trick with anime is to watch with English subtitles and not the dubbed version. “Anime” is a Japanese term for hand-drawn or computer animation. The diverse art form is separated from reality by a crucial gap of fiction. You can either watch on Crunchy roll, Netflix, Kissanime, gogoanime or

Here are a few that would keep you occupied:

Shingeki no kyojin (Attack on Titans) 

I can assure you that this anime will have your jaw dropping because Japanese writers are so detailed and make it impossible for you to not get attached to certain characters. It is about three young military recruit, Eren, Mikasa and Armin fighting against Giants that can’t talk but live to tear humans apart. Humanity knows very little about the titans (giants) but in every episode we get closer to solving the mystery. Attack on titans is currently on-going, 2 seasons and 37 episodes.

Re: Zero


Subaru Natsuki was just on his way to the corner store to buy ramen noodles then he finds himself transported to a fantasy world where he gains ability reverse time. He also befriends a silver haired half-elf and a knight Reinhard. Their episodes are currently on-going and total of 25 episodes.

One piece

The anime that would make you stop every single thing you’re doing. Although originally a manga series, Monkey D Luffy captain of the ‘straw hat pirates’ has always wanted to become a pirate but when he eats the devil fruit that gives him stretchy powers, he gathers a team of pirates that all have their unique strengths.  His eccentric crew then joined him to journey to the frightening grand line in order to find the ultimate pirate treasure. One piece has 19 seasons and more than 500 episodes.

Death Note

An all A* student in high school Light Yagami stumbles on a black notebook that kills anyone whose name is written on it. Light Yagami then starts using the book to kill criminals and bad guys then gets the god complex. Death note has a total of 37 episodes. Episodes flow into one another, no stand alone episodes.


A gory series that randomly selects people that have been resurrected and then strangely teleported to a room with a mysterious black ball that gives them weapons and suits to kill hidden alien criminals in Japan. Currently just has 2 overkill seasons.


In this anime classic Ichigo Kurosaki obtains powers of a soul reaper, his new powers enable him to defend humans from evil spirits and guide souls to the afterlife. He constantly battles with staying true to himself regardless of  his dangerous power , Consist of a total of 366 episodes.

Hajime No Hippo

Hajime No Hippo is based on a Japanese boxing manga, hajime no is a high school student that shows skill and talent in beating his peer and contemporaries. He continues to defend his featherweight title; his techniques are second to none. The anime has 4 seasons and 76 episodes.

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