What is true friendship?- Kingsley Ekpeha

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. I have a lot of friends, but Johnson stands out as one person that understands me and cares so much about me. We’ve been friends for over two decades.

We started off as play buddies, but as time went on, our friendship grew stronger. Blood, they say, is thicker than water. Johnson isn’t related to me by blood, but our friendship has made him a brother to me. In fact, he’s more than a brother to me. If blood is thicker than water, then true friendship is thicker than blood. As kids, we did house chores together. We played together. We attended the same primary and secondary school. Unfortunately, we didn’t attend the same tertiary institution.

We’ve engaged in heated arguments and fights, but our friendship got stronger after ever misunderstanding. I remember trying to stop him from beating up his younger brother. He accidently punched me as I tried to hold him. He focused his attention on me when he realised I was bleeding through my nose. He held my head up and cleaned my nose with a piece of cloth. After cleaning my nose, he promised never to hit anyone ever again. Later that day, he took me to a bar, and asked me to place an order. I ordered for a soft drink. He asked the waiter to get me a bottle of “33” export premium lager beer instead. Before then, I had heard that alcohol made people see things that are not real. After drinking three bottles of “33” export premium lager beer, my eyes started spinning; my legs became as heavy as a bag of cement; my hands couldn’t move.

“You’re now a man,” Johnson whispered into my ears.

He took me home afterwards. That night, I slept like never before. I woke up feeling like a king. Johnson called it the beer feeling. I concur. Beer makes the world go round. I enjoyed the experience, and wanted more. We made it a weekly routine. Till date, we believe that friends that drink “33” export premium lager beer together stay together. Today, I’m a walking brewery, thanks to Johnson.

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During my National Youth Service Corps program, I had financial problems that almost made me miss the compulsory monthly clearance. When I told Johnson about my predicament, he asked me to send my bank account details. I recieved a credit alert few minutes after sending my bank account details to him. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

True friends are those people that find you in dark places and lead you to the light. Johnson has pulled me out of difficult situations countless times. If I could create human beings, I would make copies of Johnson, and spread across the world. He’s one amazing friend I would love everyone to have.

“33” export premium lager beer is best enjoyed with friends. I haven’t seen Johnson in six months, but we still drink together, thanks to video calls. We’re miles apart, but we try to bridge the gap between us with constant calls and chats.

A true friend is one of the nicest things you can have and one of best things you can be. Johnson has been a great friend to me. I’ve tried my possible best to be a great friend to him. Life is easy when you have true friends.

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