Unleash the Dragon! Try Kickboxing this weekend

Everyone should try something new every blue moon for instance kickboxing! It’s a good way to let off some steam and burn a lot of calories. You could learn on your own or get a trainer at the gym but it’d be worthwhile. It is such a daring stand-up combat sport that is a combination of both karate and muay thai that prohibits strikes with anything but hands, feet or opponents legs, back or groins.

No need to worry if you’re not used to exercise, kickboxing increases confidence, coordination and strength. You’d find out that such an intense sport focuses on cardio conditioning and elements of self defense, martial arts and one-on-one competition but be prepared to take good punches.

What a great way to release tensions and frustrations? Why not capitalize on your potential aggressive tendencies with kickboxing? You can entirely tone your body from head to toe. You would probably have to purchase boxing gloves, ankle support, water bottle, towel, headgear and suitable active gear. One must first learn the basic kickboxing moves and then string them together as a sequence for a dramatic TKO. Kickboxing instructors usually recommend a proper warm up and cool down should be done before a kickboxing session. A warm up would include some criss-cross jumping jacks, skipping, high knees, bur-pees and mountain climbers. Here are some basic Kickboxing moves:

  • Front Jabs
  • Cross Punches
  • Upper-cut punch
  • Front snap kick
  • Side kick
  • Back thrust kick

For the combinations:

  • Two front jabs with the right arm then one front jab and another one cross punch right then left
  • Eight jabs at a time then 8 crosses then 8 jab-cross combinations
  • Use right leg to side kick then right after front jab right then cross punch left. Then continue with left kick
  • Throw four upper-cut punches while alternating right left right left, then side kick with left foot. Reverse then start with left arm

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