What a Night! Heineken Proves The Future Of African Fashion Is In Safe hands With Backyard Fashion Show

December 2018 is off to a fashionable start as everyone’s favourite beer, Heineken, teamed up with Backyard Bar and Grill for a thrilling fashion show like no other.

With a theme like “Africanism”, guests of the show were transported into a fabulous world of sartorial print and styles.
First of its kind, the fashion & lifestyle event witnessed amazing teams of fashion designers, make-up artists, photographer & models showcase the very best of African fashion.

These fashion designers which includes, Johnny Lingo, Doo by Iyanu, INA and Denike wowed the attendees of the event with their electric looks and styles.

The show, which was themed “Africanism”, had attendees show up in an array of afro-centric attires thereby showcasing exquisite and creative pieces depicting African heritage and culture through fashion. The theme intends to show reflective contemporary African styles and versatility that tell a story of our heritage and the African pride.

Heineken’s decision to sponsor this show after the huge success of the Lagos Fashion week shows that the premium brand is not only interested in the glitz and glamour of high fashion but also to the underground fashion scene.

Fashion aficionados who missed out on the Heineken Lagos fashion week got the chance to witness amazing new and creative fashion designs by some of the most talented designers in Nigeria. With so many creative fashion pieces on display, it was without doubt, an exciting night of style and this is a fine reminder of how far the Nigerian fashion industry has come.

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