What to expect in Lagos whenever it rains-Kenny Fashua

Though the raining season is about winding down. Rainfall in Lagos is usually met with mixed reactions owing to its status as the commercial and industrial hub.

Interestingly, to some folks like the market men and women, rainfall could be seen as a hitch to the day’s sales while others see it as an opportunity to make more money. As a result, the following are some of the expected occurrences we experience whenever it rains.

Everywhere gets flooded ASAP: This may not only be as a result of faulty or blocked drainages but due to the fact that Lagos is just few metres above sea level which ranges between 1-10 metres depending on where you reside in the state (ask residents of Lekki, Ajah, VI, Makoko, Ilaje, Onike, Ojo etc).

Power failure: This is not surprising as it is an expected trend whenever it rains. In fact, Lagosians usually get themselves ready for power cut whenever it starts to rain. Asides the damage that may be caused by lightning, even the lightest of rainfall intensity may still lead to power failure from the power authorities. However, due to the unpredictable nature of PHCN, there are instances where there is no power cut no matter how intense the rainfall is.

Increase in transport fare: This is one occurrence that is most likely to occur any time it rains. This is a very usual trend as commercial bus drivers and okada riders capitalize on the rain to exploit passengers. Pedestrians usually get infuriated but in the end, they just have to comply.

Traffic jam: This should not be surprising as it is that one occurrence that is most likely to occur. Asides the daily traffic experience as it applies to most mega cities, traffic caused as a result of rainfall in Lagos could be very frustrating when stuck in it.

The weather gets friendlier: Due to the hot weather as its unique to all tropical cities, rain usually brings about a drop in the temperature with every one enjoying the thermal comfort.

Grumblings whenever it persists: As humans, it is only natural to complain when something persist. Funny enough, people complain and pray for the sun to come up and likewise pray for the rain whenever the weather appears too harsh.

In all, it’s good to ask. Can we do without rain?

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