Whatsapp introduces double blue ticks for notification

Oh! Oh!! Some users have started noticing a Mark as Read button on their Whatspp chat notifications…

You know what Mark as Read means: those dreaded two blue ticks. Looks like we’ve gone from not wanting people to know we’ve read their message to now wanting them to think we have when we haven’t. The poor hearts of young lovers will be broken when they see those ticks and don’t get a reply. “Did they even bother to read it?”

On the flip side… there’s no where to hide anymore because you can’t pretend you haven’t seen the notification or that you are away from your device, because as soon as you check the notification, everyone can now tell if you intentionally ignore reading their chats… how heart rending!!!

On a much brighter note, users will be able to quickly mark a chat as read quickly and easily from the notifications drawer itself, without having to open the app and then open the chat. It’s not a major feature addition, but it adds convenience.

The new button comes under the message notification and next to the Reply To… button. The Mark as Read button will show as read in your chats and the chats of the person who sent it.

Telegram already launched this feature on July 31, but it seems cruel almost to introduce it to WhatsApp…

For now, this new addition is only a part of the WhatsApp Beta program, but it could get a wider release sooner rather than later.

Recently, WhatsApp has gradually increased its feature set. The company recently launched a feature that lets group administrators block other users from messaging in groups, while forwarded messages will now be labeled in order to prevent viral misinformation. Users can now switch from voice to video calls in the middle of a call, users can now export their account data as per GDPR requirements. Now, a WABetaInfo report states that WhatsApp is developing a “Mark as Read” shortcut feature for notifications in Android.

Did you get a queasy stomach like I did or do you totally love it like some people who are already fist pumping in glee at this (eye-roll) cool feature?

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