Why Having One Skill May Never Be Enough

Back in the days, it used to be enough to have acquired what was known as “school cert”; one can only imagine the splendour of possessing a degree. Today, being a graduate just doesn’t cut it anymore.

You’ll find that sometimes, people who have not seen the four walls of a school, manage to fare better than some of their educated counterparts. This is because of something they have that some educated ones don’t: Skills.

This is by no means undermining the importance of a sound formal education; the important thing is that the education must actually pass a skill on to the beneficiary of it. If for instance, a person spent four years in the university and ends up with a bachelor’s degree, to be useful to society, such person had better have some skills from the course of study. Bottom line is even that skill acquired from the university is not enough.

Me as a Pro Barber

The society we live in has made it increasingly important to empower one’s self with not just one, but as many skills as possible. Let’s take a look at some practical advantages of multiple skill acquisition.

1. Making oneself employable.

The inadequacy of one degree in the modern society cannot be overemphasized. Possessing other skills than what a person learnt at the university, opens one to a wider range of opportunities. This is why academically-inclined people go for a second degree. In simple terms, if you can’t get a job in one field, you’ll probably get it in another.

Me as a Pro Photographer
Me as a Pro Photographer

2. Self empowerment.

Multiple skills acquisition makes you self-sufficient. Let’s look away from skills learnt in a formal (university) setting for a moment.

When you acquire the skills that many people refer to as “menial”, you are doing yourself a lot of good. Then if you now acquire two or more of these skills, the possibilities and opportunities are endless. You become self-sufficient and can take care of yourself whether the government likes it or not.

Let me use myself as an example. Being a computer scientist, a Barber, Photographer, Dancer, Freelance Writer, Social Media Influencer, has empowered me in more than one ways. It makes me rest assured that I can’t be broke because there’s more than one thing I can do and get paid for it

Simply put: Even if I can’t get a job, I can create one for myself

3. Freedom to choose

Having more than one skill enables a person to either delve into as many fields of endeavour the person is skilled for. This is literally saying you can practice your skilled professions at the same time.

On the other hand, such person can choose the area that is found to be less congested or can put other factors into consideration in choosing a field. In the past two years, I have simultaneously practised three professions stresslessly: Barbing, Photography and Social Media Marketing.

4. Job creation

In addition to creating a job for oneself, you will also empower other people who would come to serve as an apprentice under you.

Above all, learn the habit of Saving. Acquiring skills isn’t free after all. It’s an investment on its own.

I think will these few points, if you really want to soar in the outside world, acquire more skills, it is not only beautiful, it makes your purse smile, it is also therapeutic. If you know you know.


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